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Entrepreneur, author,

coach and motivational speaker

Welcome! I am grateful to have the opportunity to connect with you!  Like most of you I have had to overcome hurdles on the way toward my goals. On that journey, I have come to see how truly powerful being resilient is.  Resilience is essential skill to operate in on every level; Individually,  as a team and as organization.

Despite many challenges in my life I continued to defy the odds stacked against me utilizing resilience. Through my professional and personal experiences I share how to cultivate hope and operate in resilience. There is nothing left to do but win! 


Sam J. states, "Ms. Jones is an incredibly captivating keynote speaker. Her unique ability to engage with an audience in a way that is both personable and meaningful ensures that her words are stitched to the heart. When speaking, Ms. Jones’ demonstrated great skill at transitioning people from active listening to active observation."

Sam J. 

Consultant, Centers For States


Shandretta B. states, "Deanna is a consummate professional. She was articulate and inspiring. She knew her audience and she catered beautifully to them ."

Shondretta B.,  
Financial Operations

"Deanna Is able to connect with our youth in a very relatable and empowering way. I would definitely have her back. "

Faith S.

Pastor and Youth Leader

My New Book


Young parents need this essential how-to guide that helps others cultivate resilience despite any "detour" that they are encountering in their life. Readers of all backgrounds facing any type of difficulties will find encouragement and direction in this book!

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Past clients include: 
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Here is a snippet of Deanna J. speaking to young women regarding hope. Regardless of how it looks or the imagery surrounding it you can still find hope if you know where to look. 

You will not be successful if  don't start from a position of strength. How are you talking to yourself? Your team? Having stinking thinking is like shooting yourself in the foot before starting a race! Ask yourself... are you starting from a position of strength?


One of the keys to operating with a #GrowthMindset.

~ Deanna J. 

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       I am always so excited to share my latest interview or speech. Check out this interview  I did with J. Merrill regarding my new book, Life After Detour, and a preview of next book!