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      As a result of my personal and professional experiences I have over 20 years of experience with the foster care system. I have the unique perspective of being a caseworker and foster child who aged out of the system. After I aged out of care, with two children in tow, I went on to work for over 11 years in the agency I emancipated from.
     I chose to stay in positions where I would be in direct service having understood what the importance of assisting the family insuring their voice is heard and they are supported as they cultivated resilience.  While at that agency I sought out positions where I would ensure the voice of the family was heard and their needs were met through best practice supporting the agency goals related to timeliness and recidivism. I continued supporting those who cultivated their voice and their vision by becoming speaker, life coach and  trainer for the Ohio Child Welfare Training Program. 
        "As a speaker and life coach I align myself with you as part of your village to help you identify hope, cultivate your vision and your voice as you press toward achieving your end goal. Are you ready? Let’s go!” ~ Deanna J.

Purple and Peach Photo Freelance Writer
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