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Current Offerings

At Deanna J. Speaks! we offer a multitude of resources and teaming opportunities with more and more coming online. Take a look at what the current offerings are and contact us if you need something you don't see!


Deanna J. engages crowds in real and relatable dialogue ensuring they are empowered, renewed and inspired. Deanna speaks to various groups including IT groups, youth groups, teen parenting groups and others. She is truly able  to speak to what it means to cultivate resilience so that you can overcome any obstacle and achieve the success you envision for yourself and those you influence. Contact her today!



Deanna J. offers coaching. Cohorts start quarterly during the year. Currently accepting clients for Building Resilience Coaching for Real Life and Preparing For Business 101.



Deanna J. provides trainings for foster parents and child welfare staff. Current offerings include:

-Textured: The Journey Into The Culture and Care of African-American Hair

-Life After Detour for Teen Parenting

-Preparing Youth For INTERdependent Living

- Resilience Reset: Quick Guide to a #ResilienceReset

Other topics include Overcoming Imposter Syndrome: A Beginners' Guide



Deanna J. provides consulting across disciplines and subjects such as youth and family voice, child welfare and other social issues. Deanna J. also provides facilitation and training for extended periods of time. 

Let's Work Together

Feel free to contact Deanna for more information today!

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